Website Positioning

Some statistics on the search engine optimization

Do you want that chance to determine the visibility of your company on the Web? Of course not! By cons, it's what could happen if your site does not have the search engine optimization. Type keywords in a search engine and look at the sites corresponding to the first page results are the elements of a typical Internet search.

Facts about the search engine optimization

Here are three of the most significant results obtained by iProspect in January 2006 in a study on the attitude of people who surf the search engines:

  • o About 36% of individuals make a direct link between a high position in the results and the superiority of the company in its field.

  • o Nearly 41% of Internet users who were dissatisfied with the results obtained in the first page said they would rather change the motor or the terms of their research rather than to go on the following pages.

  • o 62% of sites clicked appeared on the first page of results against a total of 90% for the first three pages.

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